More Cool Uses for Dry Ice

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Co2 cleaning

When most of us think of dry ice, we think of the oft used purpose of submerging blocks of the substance in water to mimic smoke or create dramatic flair in an on stage production. Less dramatically, many of us are familiar with using dry ice to preserve food. Dry ice is actually the solid form of carbon dioxide and can be used to effectively clean and decontaminate manufacturing parts and equipment. This process, offered by Minnesota dry ice blasting companies, is known as dry ice blasting, Co2 blasting, or commonly slurry blasting.

Minnesota dry ice blasting companies use dry ice blasting for a number of reasons. It is a very effective method for cleaning equipment, especially for parts and complex products that can not (or should not be) taken apart or disassembled. As such, Minnesota dry ice blasting companies may use this method to clean power generators and turbines, historical renovations, and aircraft detailing. This feature helps alleviate unwanted downtime during the cleaning process.

Minnesota dry ice blasting is also touted as a good alternative to other types of environmental cleaning services, such as solvent based cleaning, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. That being said, dry ice blasting measures to safely handle, store, and ventilate during use, must be taken. For example, dry ice Co2 is heavier than oxygen, and small, self contained areas that are not well ventilated should be avoided during use.