Consider using Zebra thermal printers

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Zebra barcode printer

UPC, which stands for “Universal Product Code”, are bar codes that were originally intended to help streamline the checkout process and keep better track of supermarket inventory. Today, inventory control software (sometimes referred to as an inventory management system), coupled with equipment like Zebra thermal printers, helps to expedite the flow of materials and info about said materials through organizations. Two popular methods of asset tracking, which refers to the process of following physical assets through a supply chain, are RFID (radio frequency identification) and bar code scanning of labels created by Zebra label printers and other types of Zebra printers.

Automated Medication Administration software helps health care professionals (including nurses, pharmacy technicians, and other care providers) to use their Zebra thermal printers increase accuracy, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and work towards eliminating medical errors by automating the medication distribution process. The health care industry is just one area that is benefitting more and more from using Zebra thermal printers, bar coding, and RFID tech, which helps provide accuracy in wound care management, medication delivery, patient tracking procedures, pharmaceutical IDing, specimen and sample tracking, and current inventory levels. If you work in the health care field, and you are looking for ways to streamline these processes and more around the office, check out Zebra thermal printers today and see how they can help you achieve that goal.