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IPhone Security

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More and more individuals are using there smart phones and tables for work related purposes. Interestingly, in a Consumer Intelligence Research Partners survey of over 1,000 consumers, one in five said they will use the new iPad for business purposes. Furthermore, currently, business mobile users make up more than 30 percent of all mobile service subscribers in the United States.Today, many companies are choosing to use BYOD, or bring you own device, policies in the workplace. The BYOD model has even become popular in schools, as the BYOD policy of classroom computing benefits both students and school districts.However many employee smart phones contain sensitive company information and private company data. It is therefore essential for companies to have mobile device management policies, particularly iPhone management and iPhone security policies.

iPhone security and iPhone management refers to the process of managing the hundreds of iphones used by employees of a company. This mostly has to do with issues surrounding inventory of iphones and security of data on iphones should they be lost or stolen. For example, should an employee’s phone be stolen, iPhone security would allow the phone to be wiped remotely, protecting the integrity of company information and data.

Companies may also want to look into patch management and patch management software. This refers to the need for large company IT managers to keep the latest updates on computers to avoid any problems with viruses. Again, with hundreds of different computers an IT manager needs assistance identifying, tracking and fixing computers that are not up to date. This also helps companies to protect their employees’ computers from the threat of viruses. Overall, it is crucial to protect company data and information. Look into different options for iPhone management and iPhone security for your company. Protection is absolutely crucial to protect data. Read more: