Preparing for Your Dorm Technological Needs

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Cat 5 cable bulk

Back to school season is upon us. If you are heading back to college or you will attend college this year for the first time, you likely have a long list of items to pack. It can actually be overwhelming attempting to estimate all the items you will need. An important section of your back to college list will include electronic items. A lot of your college studies will rely on the ability to stay connected at all times. These are some of the most common, yet under considered electronic devices you will want to check off your list.

Your updated laptop

In today?s highly technological times, a laptop is needed for college success. In fact, many students take the majority of their study notes on their laptop. Others use their laptop for communication with professors and other students. Although a desktop will help you complete online tasks, it does not give you the ability to move from classroom to classroom. Make sure your laptop is updated to prevent any computer problems while on campus. If possible, purchasing an updated laptop might be useful. Ensure that you have the latest versions of computer programs you might be required to use.

Dorm room electronic necessities

In order to make your dorm room more comfortable, you will want to bring your home electronic items. Some of these items might include your TV, your preferred sound system, and any other electronic items that make your life easier and more entertaining. Just make sure that you also bring all of the necessary bulk USB cables and HDMI cables that you might need to connect your electronics. Currently, there are four different types of HDMI cables, standard, standard with Ethernet, high speed, and high speed with Ethernet. Make sure you know the difference and know which ones you will need.

Extended cables and charging accessories

Many students do not know what to expect when moving into a dorm. Some do not even see their dorm room, until they are on campus with all of their belongings. It is best to prepare for your bulk USB cables needs and bring longer cables and charging accessories with you. You will also want to factor in that if you have roommates, you might require stronger cables to handle the additional use. Depending on the size of your dorm, a 500 Ft. Ethernet cable might be useful. Lightning cables are helpful for faster charging and streaming speeds.

The ability to utilize multiple electronics

Even though 10 Mbps Ethernet cable is ideal for households that include two or three computers, still people tend to buy fast network cables like 100 Mbps or more in order to have faster Internet connection. It can be helpful to get in touch with dorm mates ahead of time to anticipate how many electronic items will be in the dorm and how fast the internet speeds are expected to be. You might still have to make changes as you arrive or you might require additional bulk USB cables, but it can help to get a good idea of the electronic situation ahead of time.

It can be an overwhelming transition going from home living to dorm living. Not only are you getting used to living with complete strangers, but you also have to create a living situation that meets everyone?s needs. Setting up electronic needs can be difficult in this type of a setting. However, preparing for it ahead of time by bringing bulk USB cables and extra cat5 cables can ensure that you have access to your technological needs while on campus.

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