Four Areas of Content Creation Marketing Firms Can Help With

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Over the past decade or so, the digital marketplace has exploded and become a great tool for consumers looking for almost any product. In fact, according to statistics from Interconnected World, more than 60% of global web users research products online. In order to take advantage of that ever-growing trend, businesses need to work to build a highly visible web presence. For many working with an experienced internet marketing firm is the best way to do that. Generally, they know that content drives web traffic today, and be able to help in a number of areas.

Awesome Websites

While most small business owners will try to get a new website design free, or at least a lot cheaper, by having an in-house employee do the work, that could prove to be a mistake. No online marketing campaign will be successful without a great website at its core and inexperienced individuals, despite their best efforts might struggle to make one. Hiring a professional is the best way to get a site that will serve as home base, so to speak, for online marketing content. Since responsive websites are vital for catering to the growing crowd of mobile shoppers, working with a mobile website design company might be the best option.

Captivating Blogs

Websites that feature a blog receive 434% more indexed pages and can increase indexed links by 97%. As a result, businesses looking to enhance their web presence should start by building and maintaining a great blog. Because doing so can be time consuming, especially for professionals who do not have a writing or content creation background, hiring a digital marketing firm to handle the rigors of blogging will always be beneficial.

Engaging Videos

Videos play an important role in not only reaching web users but also keeping their interest. Stats from SlideShare say that while only 20% of people will read a blog or article, 80% will watch a video with the exact same content. Getting help learning what kind of videos to produce, and how to make them, from a digital marketing firm is smart for every business owner looking to expand.

Detailed Images

Roughly two thirds of consumers say that the quality of an image is very important for selecting and purchasing a specific product, according to MDG Advertising. While many businesses will work with online ad agencies to build creative advertisements, they should also hire professionals to create infographics and product images that stand out online. They are key for attracting online shoppers.

The best digital marketing firms are flexible and able to help businesses in a number of different areas. In today’s competitive digital marketplace, content creation is key, but it is just one of many important factors that help businesses thrive online. Reference links.

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