Website Design and Marketing Tools for a Company’s Success

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The internet is one of the most dominant forces in the world today. Billions of people utilize the web for search and email, the two biggest internet activities. But perhaps one of the most significant statistics comes from the surge of eCommerce sales in recent years. In 2012 alone, eCommerce sales topped $1 trillion, making it the first time sales have eclipsed the billions, according to eMarketer.

This success has come at the helm of high quality website design, as well as strategic online marketing and advertising. With so many people shopping online, there is an increased need to improve the quality of company website design, as well as the content on the site. A combination of expert graphic design and solid content will likely attract the most number of consumers to a website.

To accomplish this, working with an eCommerce website design company is optimal. These companies are equipped with web designers that consider how graphic design can entice users, and also sustain their business. There has been a recent push toward simplistic, modern design that does not bombard a visitor with flashy graphics, enlarged text, or droves of information. In contrast, companies that keep a solid theme throughout their site, utilize key graphics, and strategically place text are more likely to receive higher traffic.

But graphics are not the only part of successful website design. An eCommerce website design company will also be able to ensure that the content on the site reaches out to consumers. Dynamic and unique content is extremely important, according to 69% of marketers, and online offers, as well as call-to-action advertising, hook users and also gives them a chance to respond to a company. For example, a weekly deal or special could be displayed on the home page utilizing the graphics and text that fit with the website’s theme. This has both an aesthetic and alluring effect on the visitor, baiting him or her into clicking on the deal to find out more.

With high quality website design and strategic marketing content, eCommerce sales will continue to soar. As sales reach further into the trillions, and more consumers log onto the web to do their shopping, brick and mortar establishments will face an increasingly steeper challenge in the coming years. More.

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