Three Ways Your Company Can Upgrade its Technology

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According to America’s Small Business Advocate (NSBA), about 98% of small businesses say that it’s important to keep up with new technology. Considering how much time many business owners of all backgrounds and sales now spend on the computer, it’s not hard to begin to see what sort of role better technology can have in improving company operations.

The same NSBA report showed that the average small business had 19 computers, and about 47% of owners would spend between three and five hours on a computer every day on average.

How can you improve your company’s approach to technology? Here are three suggestions.

1. Get a Better Website

Everyone is using the internet to find out information about the products and services they’re interested in. Many people, in fact, use search engines in place of the traditional phonebook. Is your business presenting itself professionally and accessibly online so that people can connect with you from anywhere? A sub-par website signals to consumers that your approach to business is outdated or similarly half-done.

2. Invest in Cloud Computing Solutions

What is cloud hosting? This is when a cloud solution company hosts your data, software and hardware somewhere else, while you access it through a network (usually the internet). This means you can access information from anywhere, at anytime. This flexibility is important for many businesses today, and it can allow your employees to use the most updated versions of software more quickly. Fixes and security patches are also easier and faster to distribute this way.

3. VoIP Business Phone Systems

VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, allows businesses to conduct their phone lines through the internet. Both voice communication and multimedia distribution are possible through VoIP. Not only can this cut down the cost of communicating with clients and distributors around the globe, but it also reduces the cost of setting up a phone line or accessing it from an alternative location.

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