IT Managed Services Make Sure Your Network is on Point

Managed services companies

It outsourcing companies help your company excel in an increasingly technological world. Armed with the knowledge surrounding computer networking and phone structure technologies IT outsourcing companies ensure your company has the ultimate communication, imperative for any business to smoothly operate.

Studies show 37% of small and medium sized businesses enlist the services from IT outsourcing companies. This is in great part due to the limited resources available to internal IT outfits within smaller companies. IT outsourcing companies offer companies top to bottom technology support for their phone and computer systems.

IT managed service providers, in addition to implementing their clients’ computer networking and internet phone systems, function as an extended service to oversee their systems are smoothly running. The difference between this and IT consulting companies is a consultant will set up and advise a client company on how to run their system. The consultant company ultimately lets the client assume the responsibility of running the IT system.

With several types of web hosting available to companies these days- an industry worth about $12.3 billion- the most popular is shared web hosting. This allows several websites to share one domain and is popular for company communication.

It is estimated nearly 90% of businesses in the United States have purchased some type of managed services. Be it for company office phone systems implementing voice over internet protocol, computer intranet networking, or managed services to help customers troubleshoot problems, IT services are imperative to a smoothly running organization firing on all pistons. Continue reading here.

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