How Local Search Optimization Helps Businesses Connect With Customers

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Digital media is transforming the world of advertising. It offers businesses all kinds of new ways to reach customers, through websites, social media, blogs, etc. As customers come to rely on online searches to find and evaluate products and services, businesses and advertisers have to fine-tune strategies and messages to be effective. Local search optimization recognizes that a very large number of online searches are for local businesses and services. A website that is optimized for local searches and mobile devices can pay off in terms of increased traffic and revenues.

Why online searches matter
With so much information available online, customers rely on online searches and reviews to make purchasing decisions. In fact, as many as 93% of the time, internet users begin their online experiences with a search.
Internet users have also become savvy at tuning out what they think is extraneous noise. What this means in practice is that when they do an online search, as many as 70-80% will ignore the paid ads. Instead, they follow up on the results found by the search.
Even in following search results, internet users are highly selective and will really go beyond the first page of results. This means that to be found, your business website should rank high in online searches like google, yahoo and Bing.

How SEO helps your website stand out
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is regarded by digital marketers as the most effective lead generation tactic. About one third or 34% of marketers believe in the benefits of seo, and consider it very effective.
Marketers and businesses are discovering the value of local search optimization as well. That’s because people will search online for businesses near them, before actually visiting or calling the business.
Websites should also be optimized for mobile devices, since people do online searches on their iPads, phones and other handheld devices.

The importance of going local
Researchers have found that as many as 70% of North American social media users are connected to at least one local business. This could be the dry cleaner, the auto shop, the florist or the Chinese take out.
For business and web designers, this means that websites that are designed with local search optimization in mind will attract exactly the kind of customers they need to reach. Recognizing the importance of local search optimization, businesses to spent $18b on local mobile ads in 2016.

Local search optimization helps businesses to connect to the customers who are looking for them. Social media marketing companies can help businesses to develop the strategies and online presence that will bring in increased traffic and revenues.

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