The Advantages of Turnkey Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Prototype pcb assembly

In the past, printed circuit board assembly has been an arduous, expensive process. These methods of PCB fabrication and assembly were typically geared towards large orders that took a long time to produce, leading to customer dissatisfaction and errors in the PCB fabrication itself.
In contract, turnkey PCB assembly brings the circuit board assembly process into the digital age. Turnkey PCBs are made quickly, which means clients are able to get the components they need in a timely manner. The entire process is much more streamlined and flexible than ever before, allowing customers to easily order small or large orders with ease. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of turnkey PCBs:

You can handle everything online

The turnkey process allows you to control every part of your order — from quotes to ordering to tracking — in an online portal. Not only does this significantly speed up the prototyping process, but it allows the client to see exactly how long their order will take to get to them. In an increasingly digital world, these features are becoming more important for customers, so being able to get an inside look at their order will often lead to higher levels of satisfaction.

You can order any quantity

With other types of printed circuit board orders, customers are often forced to place a minimum order, sometimes upwards of 1,000 PCBs. While some clients may end up needing that many PCBs, there are others who need much smaller orders. But whether you need 10,000 PCBs or just one or two, the turnkey process allows you to order any quantity you want. And if you need more later, your order information will be saved to make the process even easier.

You can afford to make your vision a reality

For smaller businesses and start-ups, the traditional PCB assembly process can be a real financial burden. Those methods could be very expensive and the quantity limitations meant you either had to pay a lot for a small batch or buy way more PCBs than you needed for your project. Either way, that technique wastes a lot of money that could be better spent. But with the turnkey process, making just a few PCBs is totally affordable. This is ideal for startups, Kickstarter campaigns, or even for those who pursue projects in their spare time. What used to be a significant expense is now completely doable.

While the traditional method of printing circuit boards may not completely go away, turnkey assembly is definitely catching on as a cost-effective, modern way to get customers the components they need without the wait.

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