3 Important IT steps to Reduce Security Breach Chances

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Although the internet has significantly improved the way that we currently do business, it has also introduced additional challenges. Businesses that have the added convenience of technology and IT services have more advantageous benefits to offer to customers, but must also increase their security measures. The internet has a variety of storage methods, many of which are accessible to outside sources, if they are not protected properly. Businesses that rely heavily on IT services for business practices should focus on the following added security measures.

Move to a cloud based storage system

Traditional storage methods of filing rooms filled with stuffed filing cabinets are almost obsolete. Much of the old hard document storage system has been moved to internet based storage systems. However, a large percentage of these internet storage systems are not created with security measures in mind. If the office were to experience an electric shortage or virus, all of the information would be wiped clean. If no hard documents existed or were already disposed of, the information would be lost forever. Also, keeping confidential information on one computer system opens up the possibility of a security hack or breach.

However, moving all information and storage needs to cloud services can increase safety. The cloud system is an IT services base that allows businesses to confidentially store documents. It also allows for easy sharing of documents that is more secure. If one computer device or system was breached, it would not necessarily mean an entire office data breach. With 80 to 90 million plus cybersecurity events per year, with close to 400 new threats every minutes, and up to 70% of attacks going undetected, these added security measures are extremely important.

Outsource professional IT services

Information technology, or IT services are very important to the successful structure and safety of information. When a business does not put enough focus on their IT department, they are more likely to suffer a data breach. One single large scale data breach can severely harm the reputation of a business and can prevent customers from trusting the business again in the future. If you do not have the means or size of business to employ an entire managed IT services department, then IT consulting services should be outsourced. IT needs are constantly changing and should regularly be monitored for efficiency.

Have 24 hour IT support

In many security breach occurrences, there are a number of warning signs before the large scale breach actually occurs. However, if you are not trained in IT services, it is likely that you will miss these important signs. You may notice a few IT difficulties or storage based problems, but will think little of them. Eventually, the system is breached and all of your customer?s confidential information is stolen. Almost 70% of Americans worry that hackers will steal their credit card numbers from retailers, and 62% worry that hackers will target their personal devices.

Implementing 24 hour IT support can help to prevent these occurrences. IT professionals are more familiar with the warning signs of a potential security breach. If you have the ability to report real time IT problems, you are more likely to identify them before they become too large of a problem. Additionally, the 24 hours IT support can help to immediately correct some of the most common IT problems.

As the countries reliance on the internet increases, we also see an increase in the number of security breaches. According to a Gallup poll, 27% of Americans say their credit card information has been stolen in the past year, and 11% say their computer or smartphone has been hacked. The IT department of any business is an important and crucial part of preventing this. Businesses can also take necessary precautionary steps like moving to cloud based storage system and increase security measures. It can also be helpful to outsource 24 hour IT support to prevent common technological problems and to identify serious security hacks before they occur.

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