The Benefits of Using Modular Field Erected Tanks

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When it comes to storage there are many reason as to why modular field erected tanks are the best above ground tanks to use. One major factor that separates above ground tanks from the rest of the large tanks for sale is that they can be taken anywhere with ease. Other modular tanks must be placed in certain areas where it?s suitable to do so. Those kinds of above ground field erected tanks, such as bolted steel tanks, need much wider spaces in order to access them regardless of how small the task itself may be. In addition if it’s one of the large custom made storage tanks, you?ll need a crane just to move it into your preferred position as well as plenty of road access to reach the tank when needed. This creates a transportation issue due limited capacity problems. These are factors that does not plague modular field erected tanks.

Let?s take a closer look at some of the added benefits of using modular field erected tanks as opposed to any other holding tank.

Modular field erected tanks are custom made to suit their location.Field erected tank companies make these tanks fully customized to fit the needs and requirements of any location you might have in mind. While many of them are traditionally round and square shaped, there is also the option to have them custom built into an L shape as well. As a matter of fact they can be custom built in a variety of different shapes and styles.

Modular field erected tanks are great for emergency storage.These tanks are great for storing all sorts of liquids and can even be placed on surfaces that are not flat or very well leveled. These tanks may not be a permanent storage option but their capabilities to hold massive amount of waste or liquid anywhere makes them the perfect emergency storage option.

Modular field erected tanks can be freestanding or anchored to the surface.Depending on the size as well as the style of the freestanding tank it can be stabilized onto the ground as long as it is solid and flat. The anchored tanks are even much more secure since they cannot be moved. These tanks can be installed in a matter of hours by a specialized and experienced work team. Modular field erected tanks are low cost, and safe for the environment with guaranteed years of durability.

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