Are you Worried About the Internet Speed for Your Next Presentation?

Bulk category 6 ethernet cables

Every time that you check into a hotel room that has a wall or table mounted ethernet connection, you still smile. You smile because you remember the times when your younger daughter would come into these hotel rooms ask to use your computer and what they called the old cords so that they could just get to work. The work, of course, was pretend, but somehow the girls loved the process of connecting to the internet what they liked to call the old fashioned way. You smile, though, because although you knew they did not really understand what they were doing, you did.
In fact, if they had tried they likely would have found that they had faster connections to their silly little internet games that they played online. As it stood, however, the girls were playing at working, and if they were really getting down to business they would even ask about using your portable printer and the USB 2.0 printer cable and print their pretend work orders and office memos. These elaborate set ups would often take up a good hour or two and you enjoyed the restful moments for yourself before you had to go supervise at the pool.
From your work trips, you remember all of the times that you skipped the room’s WiFi and instead used your 75 ft ethernet cable do that you could have a faster connection, but still work comfortably with your feet stretched out in front of you on the bed.
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From USB 2.0 printer cables to Cat% crossover cables, the technology that was once a necessity still comes in pretty handy. In fact, the most prepared sales people and presenters do not simply rely on the WiFi at any event that they travel to. Knowing full well that there can be hundreds of users trying to tap into the free internet, bringing along your own cables can help you make sure that you are able to access faster internet connections and clearer audio and video hook ups.
The fact that there are 101 million iPhone users in the U.S. alone is an indicator of how many people will be connecting to the often crowded WiFi in many venues. Personal cell phones may be the most popular technology for the average consumer, cut a corporate presenter knows that the most common and effective ethernet cable used today is the 10 Mbps, the same one that was first invented by Xerox, Digital, and IntelR. Even an extra USB 2.0 printer cable can be the difference between a successful business trip and a failed customer visit.

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