A Brief Overview of Various Shoring Types

Temporary walking bridge

Shoring is a process used to help provide temporary support for structures including ships and buildings. The support of a shore is needed for extra support during repairs or to stop it from crumbling down. However, there are various types of shoring you will want to be aware of. Choosing the right shore for a project help to ensure the successful completion of a project. In this post, you will learn more about the three types of shoring.

Three Main Types of Shoring

The process of shoring is divided into three separate classes. These class specifications are based upon where the shore is placed. The three types of shoring are dead, flying, and vertical shores. These are all temporary shoring methods meaning they are only used to offer temporary support.

  • Dead Shores: This type of shoring is used to provide vertical support for a structure. Dead shoes are best used when the underside of a wall needs to be worked on. In many cases, dead shores are used to rebuild lower portions of a load bearing wall or to deepen foundation levels.
  • Flying Shores: This support is a horizontal support structure. You will find this shore used where parallel walls require proper support. A shore is perfect in situations where these walls may end up collapsing if not properly supported. Flying shores are made of wall plates that are secured by cleats and needles. However, this shore differs in that it is used in both permanent and temporary shoring methods.
  • Raking Shores: This type of shore is fixed against a wall with the use of hooks. Raking shores are posted in softer ground in order to cover larger areas of space. Hoop iron will usually combine multiple rakes, in situations they are needing for.

    In closing, shoring systems provide immense protection against workers and structures. Research shows that in the United States there are over 600,000 bridges. One study shows that one out of every nine bridges in America is structurally deficient. Shoring equipment is used to have these shores installed by trained professionals. You can rest assured knowing that shoring is used to help keep a structure safe.

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