How Data Centers Are Affected by Improvements in Technology

Hot aisle containment system

Data centers are starting to change in many ways, as advances in technology are made. For example, as more individuals start to use cloud services to store all their data, these services can grow to over $180 billion a year. This can affect everything, from data rack products, to a thermal containment system. Here are some of the ways data centers are being affected.

Centers Are Becoming Outdated

Before all the recent changes in technology, data centers were not as outdated, and would last a long time before having to undergo changes or being rebuilt. Most data centers are built to last anywhere from nine to ten years. However, now data centers that are seven years are considered to be out of date. This can be costly, as everything from data rack products to hot aisle containment solutions are sought out and purchased, in an effort to keep the company running in an up-to-date manner.

IT Centers Are Filing Up Quickly

Over 30% of large companies are running out of room to store their data. Although they might need different types of server racks, even trying to make room doesn?t change the situation as quickly as is needed. Most large companies are over their capacity to properly store needed data after 18 months. This means that in a year and a half, they need a whole new space in order to be able to properly do business.

It Can be Costly to Keep the Center Cool

Keeping a data center cool is not always an easy feat, with all the air conditioning that is required. It is imperative that the AC remain on and be able to properly cool the room, in order to prevent equipment from malfunctioning. Over 60% of failures from equipment are because of poor circulation of the air conditioner in the server room, or other issues that are related to being able to keep the room cool when it gets too hot. As companies become more dependent on technology, this becomes more of an issue.

Technology is changing in many ways. Server buildings are starting to fill up more quickly than before. They also become outdated at a faster rate. It can be difficult to keep the center cool, or always replace parts, such as a thermal containment system. As technology continues to advance and change, no doubt data centers will follow its lead.

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