Effecting Marketing Materials Help Grow Businesses

Offset printing technology

No matter the industry, many companies that venture out to trade shows will end up setting up a booth of sorts where they can display marketing materials. From banners and brochures to business cards and informational pamphlets, many companies rely on those working in the printing industry and graphic designers to produce their marketing materials. But just how much do companies tend to spend on such materials? Are printed marketing materials like flyers and brochures beneficial? Let’s find out

For starters, it’s estimated that the typical company will spend nearly 31.6 percent of its marketing budget on exhibits and events. Additionally, studies have found that more than $24 billion is spent by companies every year on trade show displays. That number could include everything from the tables used to set materials on, or the actual printed materials themselves. Fortunately for companies looking for eye-catching marketing materials, there are many companies functioning in the printing industry that specializes in everything from vinyl printing, poster printing, offset printing and many other printing services.

So how effective are marketing materials and what do companies gain by attending tradeshows and other special events? Well, marketing materials that are eye-catching and informative can attract the attention of new customers. Businesses often attend trade shows to get their name and brand out to the public, to boost traffic or revenue to their business. So, bluntly speaking, having the right kind of marketing materials readily available can go a great distance in helping a company grow,

Additionally, studies have found that about 99 percent of marketers believe there is a special kind of value gained from attending trade show exhibits as opposed to other marketing mediums.

There is also power behind signage. One major thing that can really set an exhibit apart from another is having an eye-catching, attractive sign that will make customers want to visit your table and learn more about what you have to offer. This is especially important when you consider the fact that an estimated 35 percent of customers usually discover new business when passing by signs.

It would seem that, even as the digital world continues to progress and evolve, there is still a need for the printing industry. What do you think? Does your business have a preferred method of setting up a trade show table?


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