3 Tips to Keep Your Internet Extension Working Properly

The internet is a growing resource for many with over three million users in the entire world as of march of 2017. Without the internet, many could end up feeling like they are disconnected from the world. This can cause a problem is your internet is not properly connected. Connecting your internet correctly can ensure that you have a connection that works properly with the correct tools. Read these tips below to understand the requirements and how you can ensure that your connection works properly for what you need.


You should not choose to run a 500 ft ethernet cable, or any ethernet cable types around noise. Ethernet cables should be used away from devices that cause noise. Not following these guidelines with a ethernet connection can cause interference. Electrical wires are not the only thing that can cause noise distraction for your connection. Lighting, such as fluorescent lighting, and motors can cause noise with your connection. Ensure that a pathway that eliminates these things is included in your plan to install a data cable such as a 500 ft ethernet cable.


Anyone who has ever considered distance when installing a data cable knows that distance matters. Ensure that you are aware of the distance limitations when running your cable. There are certain limitations depending on what you are wanting to do. A 500 ft ethernet cable will work for internet, however if you are wanting to stream movies or play games, you should consider the distance before making a decision.

Deciding Against a Cable

This can be a significant problem. Switches which are popular can introduce unwanted elements into your network. This can cause instability in a network which can cause problems to a network which was stable beforehand. If a lot of network resources are required, you should consider running a cable over other options. This can save you a headache as well as problems that you have to diagnose later down the road.

Follow these tips to ensure that you don’t ever have to suffer from a connection that does not perform as you need it to. These tips can help you extend your connection without interruption. Extensions can be beneficial or they can wreak havoc and these tips can keep extensions working properly and performing as you need them to.

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