Benefits of Using a Vacuum Feedthrough Connector

In this YouTube video, Belilove Company-Engineers talks about the advantages of using vacuum feedthrough connectors over complicated design compromises. Vacuum feedthrough connectors are helpful when a design change must be done and custom work is needed.

Having a custom-built vacuum feedthrough connector created may be more cost-effective than redesigning a given chamber’s entire workflow or structure.

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Depending on what the section is used for, a company may not make design changes on the fly and therefore won’t meet other manufacturing functions. Choosing a generic off-the-shelf solution might add additional steps or parts needed to create a proper workaround. More parts and additional steps mean more pieces can break down later.

These epoxy vacuum feedthrough connectors are custom-built, allowing all the necessary cables to pass through without issue in one piece. The connectors are best for fiberoptic, electrical, and pneumatic signals passing through a chamber wall. Engineering works with business development, production, and designers to make sure each piece is created precisely as needed. Each feedthrough is measured, molded, and cast to the exact specifications required. When the product is complete, the cables can be passed through, completing the project without compromising design or manufacturing needs.

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