How To Making Your Custom Extension Cord

Have you ever felt like your charging cords are too short? Well, in this video, you will learn how to make your own extension cord and save money while making it. Extension cords are a great way to use outlets that are in odd places around your house.

First, you want to purchase SBT-1 lamp cords which can be found at Home Depot or online. This will be the wire part of your custom extension cord. Then, find vampire plugs that will connect to the lamp cord. After obtaining those two materials, you can start to measure how long you want the cord to be.

Many people don’t realize that you can make a custom extension cord in your home, but it’s possible and in the long run, could save you money. Creating custom length power cables can allow you to put these extension cords anywhere in your house.

The good thing about a custom extension cord is that they can still connect to a 5 20 outlet. But, you can even make them to plug into different outlets if you need to. Make sure to follow the rest of this video, it will help you create an extension cord yourself.

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