How Space Management Systems Work

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Facilities, whether commercial or residential, face a problem of limited space and a need for storage and room to live. This video explains how an interior designer plans a project, and shows why space management systems are key for any build.

An interior designer needs to look at the space as a whole and consider comfort and functionality. There have to be enough seats for people to sit. There also needs to be enough room around the seats to move freely and safely.

Some areas are conversational areas, like a living room or great room. The sofas and chairs need to strike a balance between being close enough to facilitate conversation and far enough apart to allow movement throughout the room.

For other rooms, like a dining room, the table is the main focus. The interior designer needs to get information from the client about how many people will need to have seats at the table to get one of an appropriate size.

In an office, the interior designer put a desk that’s wide enough for two people to comfortably sit and work at. She also needs to consider bookshelves, credenzas, and other furniture in the room so the residents can pull out their chairs safely and have ease of movement.

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