The Rise of the Apple Empire

The tech industry has been completely overwhelmed by the rise of Apple products. Not only does Apple take in millions of dollars on computer sales alone, they are also one of the most AI-forward companies, paving the way for a future not too far away! Chances are, you can see several Apple products wherever you go, and you may have some in your own home. You may be even reading this article on a Macbook at this very moment! To understand how Apple made its way here, this video provides a comprehensive history on the tech giant.

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Without a doubt, Apple has become the most valuable company in the world, with shares of its market stock value soaring. While the Coronavirus has taken down the stock a bit, we are still seeing a monumental growth expectation for Apple stock in the coming months. Though some of their newest iPhone models have also given less-than-favorable numbers, their primary focus will always be in their extraordinary computer systems. With the introduction of Apple Music, Apple Tv +, and other branded products, there is no telling where the Apple success will end.


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