An Intro to Cloud Based Construction Management

Cloud-based construction management apps have been making waves in the industry, leading to a rapid shift to the cloud over the last five years. This move to cloud-based work to help with transparency and efficiency on jobsites has only intensified in the last few years, making it evermore important to keep your tech up to speed. Here’s a short intro to cloud based construction management.

Cloud-based project management allows for different industries to work from anywhere at any time using an electronic device and internet access.

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Overall, cloud-based construction management software allows for everyone involved in a construction project to have access to everything they need to complete the project to the best of their ability. Model management is not just for the design team.

If the entire project isn’t connected to the centralized and current model and plans, you risk inconsistent project team results and data, which slows processes and decisions, and contributes to errors and disputes. Construction management software with a true common data environment enables the entire project community to collaborate on models and plans while connecting all teams and data to the BIM process.

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