Patching Windows for Optimum Performance

Manage windows patch

Keeping Windows patched and up to date is important for optimum performance and computer security. Windows patches are important for individual users and IT managers maintaining large networks of computers. There are many ways for users to manage windows patches.

Windows patch management is not a difficult process for home users of Windows computers. Microsoft provides a Windows Update software application that can be configured to automatically check for and install updates not just for the operating system, but also for other Microsoft pieces of software. Security updates help protect users from malware and security exploits in the operating system. Other types of updates may include bug fixes and enhance system performance. Installing Windows patches for single users is simple and only requires a connection to the internet.

Management for Windows patches become difficult for enterprise level IT managers. Ensuring that there are no security vulnerabilities across hundreds of devices is quite a task. Patch management systems allow administrators to identify which Windows patches are missing on specific machines and allow and easy way to install those patches. Patch management systems can work in two ways, through client software or network scanning. There are benefits and draw backs to both methods of patch detection.

Patch management systems can ease the burden on busy IT professionals with task automation. Patch management systems can be set to automatically download and install critical patches on all networked machines as soon as they are published. When non critical patches are published, system administrators are notified and they can chose when to install these patches. Patch management systems will also create a cache of patches installed on the system. Doing this allows easy identification of new unpatched hardware installed on the network, and pushes through updates to that computer without the need to re download. Windows patch management tools are a great help to the IT professional.

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