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Avoid a Disaster When Patching Your Network Security

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Manage windows patches

Every month, there is a new Windows patch that updates the security of the Windows system. Luckily, IT departments have developed many simple and convenient Windows patch management systems to help optimize the timely delivery of these patches to the computers on your network. These Windows patch management solutions are essential for your company or business, because unpatched computers pose a huge security risk to your network infrastructure.

There are certainly good ways to manage windows patches, and bad ways to manage the monthly windows patch. Many experts agree that to properly implement Windows patch management, the patches must be delivered remotely in the background and, if you have many computers on your network, in batches. They also agree that the answer is not to turn off Windows Updates. Patches are not perfect, sometimes they do not work, or break part of your network. Make sure you have an infrastructure in place that will allow you to roll back a patch or use a hotfix as part of your Windows patch management plan.

If you are in need of the software required to implement Windows patch management for the network of your business, there are many options available. Microsoft offers Windows patch management software, which might be easiest to use if your network is dedicated to computers with the Windows OS. If not, or if you use third party patches to bolster your security, open source software exists. Finding the right software for your business is a matter of deciding what features of Windows patch management software is important to you. Some software packages contain a more robust toolkit than others, but you might not need all of the tools. Other software can be automated, which will certainly remove the monthly updates from your busy schedule, but maybe your network is finicky and needs the custom touch your IT guy provides.