Mobile device management systems designed with your security needs in mind

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When looking at mobile device management systems (mdm) for your company, cloud based providers offer cheaper, faster, and more scalable options than on premises services. Mobile management doesn’t have to be a headache with hundreds of smartphones and mobile devices to update and secure. Device management software is an ideal online mobile management security patch solution with the increasing amount of bring your own device (BYOD) policies.
Sixty seven percent of North American iPad owners use their devices at work. mobile management with mdm software takes the stress out of securing large quantities of mobile devices. If a BYOD device is lost, it can become an IT nightmare as sensitive corporate data could be lost. With mobile management sensitive data can be erased remotely using online software.

With hundreds of BYOD devices in the field, updating software on premises causes long lines and hundreds of man hours. mobile device management software can push software updates, manage versions, and maintain databases to hundreds of devices across platforms (blackberry, iPhone, Android, tablets). Every day tehere are 700,000 more Android OS users.

With business use of smartphones expected to rise to 62 percent by 2014, having mobile management software in place will be the key to running a smooth BYOD program.

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