How to Become a Fire Sprinkler System Desginer

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Fire sprinkler system designers are responsible for creating the layout detail and calculation of fire sprinkler systems. Their work takes skills in math, drafting, and physical science that help them to create properly functioning systems. If this a career path that sounds intriguing to you, then continue reading for some advice on how to get the proper training to become a fire sprinkler designer.

Get a Bachelor’s Degree

The first thing you will need to do to become a fire sprinkler designer is acquire a bachelor’s degree in a related field. This will most likely be something that falls under the engineering field. An engineering degree will help you to build the mathematical and scientific skills needed to create fire sprinkler systems with accuracy. This base knowledge will be a great spring board for launching your new career.

Online Classes

This next step is used to build more fine tuned skills a