What You Should Know About Issues With Job Retention

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If you’re looking at the American workforce, it is clear that there are a number of issues inherent to it. Unfortunately, all too many employees working throughout the United States are in less than ideal work situations, something that has had the impact of lowering rates of overall employee retention. After all, more than two and a half million people left their jobs – on a voluntary basis, for that matter – in the June of 2015 alone, a number marking a nearly one quarter increase from two years prior to that date. In addition to this, the number of employees leaving their positions willingly has only continued to climb in the time that has passed us by since (a number of years now).

And Millennials alone are contributing to these low rates of job retention in a considerable way. After all, it has been found that more than half (around 60%, to be more precise) of all Millennials would leave their current jobs if they were offered a better one. This has earned them, as a group, t