How BES and BlackBerry Mobile Device Management Simplifies Retrieving Personal And Corporate Email

Blackberry mobile device management

A Bes policy, or BlackBerry Enterprise Server policy, helps the 91 percent of users of these mobile devices get in touch with company tools every day, compared to the 65 percent across other mobile device users. Bes security policy management will help keep your organization protected on a digital front. Since 9 out of every 10 BlackBerry users are relying on these devices, which received praise from several tech professionals for their high degree of security, to access company materials, having a strong security policy in place needs to be a priority. That amount of access with weak security means a company is likely to suffer a digital breach. Hackers, competitors and other unwanted users can easily sneak on to a network at one of the one in four companies with brain your own device models in place that lack a Blackberry mobile device management or similar system.

BlackBerry remains a leader in the enterprise computing world for mobile devices, while most Android and iOS users are consumers. The ease of access, stringent security policies and ability to monitor BlackBerry use by companies are all reasons for the popularity of these devices. BlackBerry mobile device management is something that should be considered if you rely on BlackBerry use at your company. BlackBerry mobile device management can help you tighten digital security while you make sure employees do not download harmful apps or games as they enjoy consistent access to digital company resources anywhere they go.

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