Three Reasons You Need To Manage Windows Patch Releases

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There are a lot of different ways to approach computer administration in an office. In the past, you had to manage Windows patch releases on an individual level by checking each computer and ensuring that they were up to the latest revision of the operating system. For some offices, this could take a full day, but for those that had thousands of computers and laptops, the process could take weeks. These days it is easier to manage windows patches thanks to software that can automate the process across an unlimited amount of machines. Software that can manage Windows patch releases can help to speed up the time of the process dramatically, and can also help to reduce the amount of possible security threats that can occur during these time periods. An machine that is not patched could theoretically go on to infect an entire network, but with Windows patch management that window of vulnerability will be incredibly low.

Another reason to manage Windows patch releases through an automated system is compatibility. Systems which have been patched with an improved or increased functionality may not be able to communicate or work with machines which have not, particularly if a serious security exploit was fixed in the latest patch. To keep an office running smoothly, you can manage Windows patch releases automatically so that every machine will have the latest version of an operating system or productivity suite released by Microsoft. Windows patches can be released at any time and in any frequency, but you can choose to schedule when you want to manage Windows patch releases to cut down on the amount of down time whenever a new patch comes out.

Windows patch systems can be controlled through a primary account held by an administrator, or your entire IT staff can have access to manage Windows patch releases throughout the year. You can collectively shave off as much as a month of town time between all computers on a network when you intelligently handle how patches are installed, so it makes sense for many offices to look toward solutions like these to reduce costs and increase productivity. There are many professionally made, polished patch management software options to choose from that are adaptable to a wide variety of systems. Both desktop and mobile device users can benefit from these update management tools, so consider them as essential for your office.

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