What Web Developers Can Learn From Heartbleed

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What is Heartbleed, and what should professional website designers know about it? The entire internet is talking about Heartbleed, “a vulnerability in OpenSSL — the Internet’s most commonly used cryptographic library — has been bleeding out information, 64 kilobytes at a time, since March 2012,” NPR reported Wednesday. Who was affected, and what can people do?

Smartphones and VPNs Likely Bugged, According to CNN

NPR explains that a considerable number of top new agencies are taking the bug too seriously — and possibly inciting a bit of a panic. Not all sites are vulnerable to the bug that went largely undetected. NPR recommends that consumers change their passwords every few months, avoid public wireless networks for the time being, and use virtual private network at work or school whenever possible. Professional web design companies and developers can, on the other hand, re-encrypt data to make sure that it is no longer vulnerable to the newly exposed threat.

What Custom Website Designers and Graphic Design Agencies Can Learn From It

The silver lining here is that there are several company website design tips that professionals can take away from Heartbleed. First and foremost, it is always essential to continually update security software, encrypt data, and fortify codes. Remember that updates should apply to all system users — meaning that security initiatives should work on desktop computers and laptop PCs as well as tablets and smartphones. Keeping designs mobile-ready will help. If you carefully work on all formats and ease of navigation on all devices, making adjustments will be easier.

The second lesson is that immediacy is vitally important — all across the board. Staying current with security technologies, encryption, and relevant coding will prevent system hacks. Keeping designs fresh will engage new consumers — and remind consumers and/or clients that you are continually working at your business (which is a good thing!). When you have dedication to your business and customers, and you’re continually making improvements, it shows.

Heartbleed has many professionals and consumers alike worried. Keep your cool, and learn valuable company website design tips. Read more about this topic at this link.

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