Stay Hooked-Up to Your Devices with High Quality Cables

Cat 6 cables bulk

Do you have a power strip surge protector to ensure that your devices aren’t damaged in the event of a power surge? In addition to preventing that surge of electricity from entering your devices, a power strip surge protector also has several sockets to plug in additional devices, while wall sockets generally only have two.

In addition to having one or more power strip surge protectors for safety and convenience, you also want to ensure that your cables are all in good condition.

RJ45 plugs, for example, are believed to last for approximately 1,000-to-2,000 insertions before you need new ones. This is the plug that goes into the Ethernet jack on computers, laptops, routers, and switches.

Were you aware that if your phone charger cable is damaged or frayed that it is a potential fire hazard? In 2008, for example, there were approximately 53,600 home fires caused by electrical fires, failures, or malfunctions.

When considering the potential cost of a fire, to lives and property, the cost of a new phone charger cable is miniscule. Furthermore, there are other ways to charge your phone than with the default cable that came with it.

Smartphones usually last two years, and having a reliable system for recharging it makes a major difference in how it functions. Both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus can be charged in half the time with a 12-watt iPad charger.

When you’re looking for a better ethernet cable to connect to a local computer network, have you tried a CAT5? These cables tend to last for five-to-ten years and are constructed out of top-grade materials. Furthermore, they have more connectivity than with standard wifi.

HDMI Standard cables come in three types:

    Regular HDMI Standard
    HDMI Standard with Ethernet
    HDMI Standard Automotive

When you’re looking for high speed, there are two types of HDMI cables with greater capacity:

    Regular HDMI High Speed
    HDMI High Speed with Ethernet

While some people believe that these cables cost $50 or more, this is not necessarily true. When you purchase these at a regular store, they will tend to charge more than if you purchase them through a company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing these cables.

Furthermore, you can also ensure these cables are under warranty and you don’t need to deal with store clerks that aren’t dedicated to this type of product line. In addition to receiving pre-and-post tech support, you will also be able to learn how to set up your home entertainment equipment with the best possible cables.

In case any of your cables are about to outlive their recommended usage time, or if they are looking frayed, you can purchase USB cables, cell phone cables, and high speed HDMI cables such as the CAT5 cable, in bulk.

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